Why did Brave take my BAT?

I’ve been using the browser for a while and accumulated $0.32 worth of BAT. It was extracted on April 22 by Brave.
Every window I open has Include in Auto-Contribute to 5 BAT on a monthly reoccurrence.
Seems weird to pay Brave back the rewards I’m earning through ad revenue. Ideally, you send the BAT back so I can continue trying out the browser.

Have you turned off Auto-Contributions in the Rewards Settings? It’s very unlikely you will have your rewards refunded unless this is some kind of bug; even if it is a bug you still probably won’t be getting that BAT back unfortunately.

so every time there’s BAT earned, you have to remove it immediately from Uphold or Brave will take it?

If auto-contribution is turned on than “Brave Verified sites you visit will receive your contributions automatically”. Go to Reward Settings and turn auto-contributions off.

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