BAT withdrawl from Uphold

So I am new at using Brave. Been just over 1 month. I received .78 BAT previously in my uphold wallet, and today I noticed Brave took back automatically .75 BAT. I assume it was for the creators giveouts and when I checked to see where the auto-contribute was sent, nothing is listed. Is this delayed? Or where has the money gone?


Thank you for reaching out.
To confirm, you’re saying that on your Uphold account, you see that BAT was sent to Brave (probably @Brave Publishers or something similar)?

Yeah similar , might be sri

Yes. There was a deposit to Uphold on May 10th which I assume is the earnings from using the browser. Then May 25th pretty much all of it was taken out by Brave. The 25th is the date mentioned to be when the auto-contribute happens. So I am assuming that’s why it was removed, but I just curious why it says there were no contributions and the next date changed to June 25th. Guessing delayed stats.

Would you mind sending me a DM with your wallet ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page so I can take a look on the back end?

Sent a DM.

That page shows that contributors were listed, and mentions not enough fund available yet it took the BAT from uphold. Amount contributed to each listed shows 0 so where did the BAT go?

So am I better to disable the auto-contribute? Seems pointless to earn all month, get paid, and then have it all pretty much taken back and creators not receive anything. Their loss, my loss, you win.

So what’s going on? When are you going to return the BAT you stole from my Uphold wallet?

If you haven’t disabled auto-contribute, then that is why the BAT was taken out.

I would have no issue with the BAT being taken out if the funds were actually contributed to the contributors, but nothing was contributed. Brave took the BAT and since nothing was contributed or returned, they stole it for themselves. If this is happening to everyone, it must be quite the monthly haul they are bringing in for themselves.

Technically, you did contribute, to the Brave project. If you turn OFF auto-contributions, that won’t happen again. @Mattches has already reached out to you. If you haven’t done so already, DM him with the information he requested, so that he can help you. Brave staff receive literally hundreds of DMs per day, though, so please be patient.

I didn’t contribute to the Brave project. My understanding was if I wanted to auto-contribute to websites and such that they would receive the contributions. I understand that Brave would take the portion of what was earned and then transfer that to the contributors. Sure they took the BAT, but they didn’t contribute anything. Nothing was passed on. And yes I sent him or her a DM several weeks ago. Why have a contribution program if you are going to pass it on to those contributors. And if Brave staff receive hundreds of DM’s a day, and not responding in a timely matter, that’s Brave’s fault for not having enough staff to provide better support. Anyways, I’ve disabled the auto-contribute, and I feel sorry for those contributors who signed up thinking they were going to see some returns and are receiving nothing. Kind of misleading.

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Auto-contributions go to the Brave-verified creator/publisher sites you visit most. If there aren’t any that are Brave-verified (they opted in to the Brave publisher rewards), your auto-contributions go toward Brave development. You can also set up monthly contributions and one-time tips to your favorite (Brave verified) content creators. That is different from auto-contributions.

Thanks for the clarification. I had several creator/publishers sites that were Brave verified and opted in. 3 of the sites are my own sites listed with other sites. But again, none of them or myself received any contributions. Brave kept 100%. Of the amount I accumulated over the month of earning, Brave took back about 99% of it. They left me with 1 BAT. Pretty steep rake back.

It’s clear that you confused the auto-contribution function with the tipping function, which I suspect is a fairly common mistake. I really wish Brave would set the default to OFF instead of ON for auto-contributions.

@steeven can you help?

Your exact words. So no I wasn’t wanting to use the tipping. Auto-contribute should have gave contributors/publishers a small portion of the monthly BAT earned, but it didn’t it was taken by Brave and kept it all without passing it on.

Unfortunately, whenever you’re using the browser, it registers as visiting Brave, so it “thinks” that Brave is the site you visit most often. Faulty logic, I know, and it needs to be fixed, but in the mean time, turn off auto-contributions and use the monthly contributions or the tipping function instead.

I “paged” steeven to this thread to see whether he can arrange for you to get those erroneous contributions back.


  • Can you share a screenshot of your Contributions and Event Log tabs which can be found here brave://rewards-internals/

Thank you.

The log is a bit too long and would take 2 screenshots.

Not sure why is says insufficient funds because they took the BAT from my wallet.
And there was more in the wallet then was taken so there was more available.

Thank you for the screenshot.
Can you also send a screenshot of the Activity page on your Uphold account where you see that payment was made to Brave?