Why can I not drag a URL from the URL field using the pen?

I frequently operate my tablet (MS Surface Pro) using the pen as input and navigation device. It typically feels and operates just like using the Mouse except for a few but subtle and annoying differences:
E.g. it is NOT possible to drag the current URL off the entry field (by selecting the lock symbol just left of the URL) and drag’n’drop it to e.g. the desktop or some folder with the pen. The very same “gesture” works perfectly fine with the the mouse or the touchpad but not with pen or finger. I find that quite annoying and run into this again and again.
Is there a way to enable this? If not: where can I voice a “feature request” to implement that functionality?

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Hello there @mmo19, does those gestures work if you try dragging an URL or a Folder on a different Browser such as Chrome or Edge?

Let me know if that works.

Indeed, they don’t work on most other browsers, either (I checked with Chrome, Edge and Firefox) but it does work in Internet Explorer (which is obsolete and soon going away anyway).

Beats me why this “pen gesture” is handled differently from the equivalent “mouse gesture” in the newer browsers…

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@mmo18 on that case it may seem that the issue may be related to the pen itself rather than with the browser functionality itself. You could try disabling hardware acceleration on Brave to see if that makes any change.

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

I didn’t find any “Additional Settings” underneath “Settings”…

But searching for “Hardware” brought up the option.
Alas, disabling that and restarting Brave didn’t change anything.

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Please try installing the Beta or Nightly version of Brave to see if the issue persists on those versions.

Hi there @mmo18 are you still experiencing this same issue or it no longer appears? Please let me know.


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