File drag&drop not working in 1.45.116


I can’t seem to be able to drag and drop files the way I used to anymore in Brave. This makes it particularly annoying when using cloud storage/file transfer sites such as Wetransfer and any cloud based drives (Google Drive, Box etc.)

The way the issue manifests itself is as follows:

  1. Go to a website that allows to drag and drop a file ( for instance)
  2. Try dragging a file onto the drop zone on the website
  3. Get presented with a crossed red circle in place of the mouse cursor.

Expected result: In this case Wetransfer usually puts a blue overlay over the whole area to notify that a file is ready to be dropped and on mouse release the file gets added to the list of files to be uploaded.

Similarly, I can’t for instance drop a JPG onto a browser tab to have it open in it. Used to work just fine… Maybe it’s how Brave interacts with the new Windows 11 22h2 Update?

Please help. This is potentially my reason for me to have to go back to Chrome and I REALLY wouldn’t want that…

Brave Version: 1.45.116

I remember having that issue before, and I believe I had to allow 3rd party cookies for that page.

After I was done, I disallowed them an only change the setting when I need that feature on that particular site.

I’m not sure how to do that, but as far as I remember, I didn’t really change any settings. It just stopped working. I’m assuming that it doesn’t work for any site that has a similar functionality and on top of that, as I mentioned, I do believe it’s happening on an Brave/System level as I’m not able to drag and drop a simple JPG into the window too.

Click on the orange lion head on the right side of the address bar. That controls the shields/privacy settings for the page.

Under the Advanced Controls tab, there should be an option for cookies, near the bottom. Try to allow cookies for that particular site and see if you can drag and drop files.

Nope. Nothing changed. None of the sites I listed nor the browser allows for a drag&drop operation. If I might add, this cannot be cookie-related as before I was able to drag simple JPG image into a browser window and have it open. Devs? Any ideas?

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