Can one enable/display an "enter" or "go-to" button for the URL entry field?

I am occasionally operating my tablet (MS Surface Pro) with detached keyboard and a pen. I find that a very convenient and relaxed way to operate the device while couch-surfing.
What I find very annoying with Brace, though, is, that there is no “Enter” Or “Goto” button for the URL field. I.e. after entering or pasting a URL into the URL entry field there is no way to teach Brave to now “apply” (i.e. go to) that URL! I then always have to grab the detachable keyboard, attach it to the tablet and hit the enter key to actually navigate to a URL that I entered or copyh/pasted into that field.
I find that most tedious and annoying. Is there no way to enable an “Enter” button for that field?

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