Brave issues with touchscreen laptops?

I just purchased a touchscreen laptop and am wondering if there are known issues with Brave and touchscreen laptops

Description of the issue:

  1. It is impossible to move a Brave browser window by dragging by the blank space next to the tabs using a stylus (finger or mouse works fine). This is not an issue in Microsoft Edge by contrast. Same problem found in this thread but there were no replies, even though it says 1 reply: Dragging the Brave window with a (Wacom) pen doesn't work

  2. On my old computer, I have been able to drag the padlock icon next to the URL to create a shortcut on my desktop. This no longer works, whether mouse, stylus, or finger.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open any Brave window and attempt to drag it with a stylus
  2. Attempt to drag the padlock icon on any website to the desktop or any folder to create a shortcut

Expected result:

  1. Brave window should move
  2. Shortcut should be created

Brave Version:
Current Brave version (latest): 0.7.121, Chromium build 78.0.3904.70
Laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad Flex Pro 13IKB.
Windows 10 Pro

Expected result:

  1. Brave window should move
  2. Shortcut should be created

confirming this brave window could not be moved with a stylus ( wacom pen in this case )
shortcut cannot be created nor a tab can be dragged out as a standalone window .

The stylus I’m using is the stock that came with laptop: Lenovo Active Pen 2 model 5T70M55297
Window cannot be moved from top of browser using stylus, and tabs CAN be re-arranged but NOT dragged out as a standalone window
Shortcut cannot be created by dragging padlock in URL field onto a folder or desktop

Can you check and see if this behavior is the same in Chrome or any other Chromium based browser (other than MS Edge)? I’m able to do this without issue on my Lenovo Thinkpad w/touch screen and stylus.

I just downloaded Chrome- same issue (cannot drag window with stylus, but OK with mouse or finger).

Sounds like an upstream issue then. I’ll inform the team about this and likely file an issue for it since I don’t see anything that describes this particular issue.

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