Why am I seeing ads here?

Why am I seeing ads in this browser? I’m seeing more than I ever saw in Chrome? They pop up at the upper right of my Mac screen. Today it was Lending Tree. Yesterday it was Motley Fool. I thought this browser was supposed to keep me away from that stuff.

That is because you have enabled Brave Rewards. Just disable it again and you won’t see any more of these ads.

OK. Thanks. I’ll dive in and figure out how to disable that.

This may be useful:

Note that by viewing ads through Brave, you’ll earn BAT, a Brave cryptocurreny which you can use to tip creators (such as Wikipedia).

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Hi sorry to bother you but I can’t manage to have ads notifications on my Mac
Can you show me your notification settings and the status of Enable native notifications on brave://flags/#enable-native-notifications please
Thanks you so much in advance

I looked, and mine is set to “default”. I don’t think I changed anything there.

I’m using an app now called METAsync. They tell me that any browser it works with has to respect HTML 5. Does Brave fully respect HTML 5?



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