How to prevent Brave ads as pop up notifcations

How can I prevent Brave ads from popping up as notifications??? Please help this is so distracting and annoying

As of yesterday I started receiving these MacOS notifications from Brave that contain ads (picture below). It’s completely distracting and happens constantly throughout the day. I don’t want to disable all system notifications for Brave since I need it for work notifications from Google, CircleCI, etc. I went to brave settings to try to disable notifications but they aren’t coming from a site, they are from the brave app itself.

If I can’t disable it this single “feature” might make me switch back to FireFox, I don’t care that I earn $0.01 every time it pops up.

I’m on Brave Beta Version: 0.67.95 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100

Just got another one! Please, I beg you. How can I make this stop?

go to the reward section in the settings and disable the “Brave Ads” thing

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you need to disable it by clicking in the 2 switch that you see in this picture

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<3 Amazing you are a life saver! Any idea why I just started getting these yesterday? I’ve been using Brave for months and I don’t think I’ve ever changed this setting before.

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You’re welcome💪🏽, I think it’s because the brave ads option was only available for windows device and not for Mac that’s why you have these ads just now. Or the region where you live actually support those ads