Ads from the Brave Browser suddenly starting to appear in the Microsoft Windows 10 notification area

Since a couple of hours ago, I’ve started getting ads in the notification area on my Windows 10 desktop. I haven’t made any changes to Brave as I’m aware of. The ads appear about two ot three times an hour.

Does anyone know what’s causing this, and how to get rid of it?

PS. I didn’t find any suitable places to post this issue.

Hi @proton,
Thanks for reporting.

It’ll be really helpful if you also can include your Brave version and screenshot of the issue. :wink:

Also, did you notice if it’s from same website or different sites?

I think it’s something like “new post notification” from website that you visit. You may accidentally “Allow this site to send notification” for that site.


I have also started receiving these OSX. I can’t figure out where they’re coming from.
I don’t have any sites with allowed notifications.

I’m using the dev version:
Version 0.60.13 Chromium: 72.0.3626.53 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

I receive them, even after adding the sites to the blocked list.


Hi, you can easily disable them by turning off “Ads” in brave://rewards. Remember that you are on the DEV channel, so you may sometimes encounter new and experimental features. Feel free to use the official release version for a more stable and non-experimental experience: Thank you for using Brave!


I don’t have rewards enabled. I’ll try the official release, as well.

Thanks to everyone reporting this!
I’m actually going to move this conversation over to a separate thread to track all reports like these and any associated questions.
Brave Ads thread can be found here.

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Closed in favor of “master” thread found here: