Havent been getting ads? Is there a fix?

Hi! I feel like my brave browser hasnt been serving up ads lately - for the past month or longer. My setting is set for me to get ads but none appear. Any ideas what is wrong or how I can fix it? I want to earn BAT still :slight_smile: Thanks!


Could this be your issue? Goes back to December though.

Thank you! That makes sense for phone but this is with my browser on laptop (macbook pro) so it should still work, no?

Oh, yes, I think it should still work. Your post was tagged as ‘iOS’ so it looked like an iPhone issue.

Mind changing that to macOS?

Which version of macOS are you on?

my bad! will update… Im on Big Sur 11.5.22 (is that the version?)

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Yes, that is it! And thanks for updating the tag.

Unfortunately I think we can rule out the top 2 things I was considering as possible root causes, and I don’t have a macOS device to test with. Hopefully some other folks on macs can chime in, although I don’t believe I’ve heard of other mac users with this issue, assuming your Brave settings are set to more than 0 ads per month.

I will stew on it a bit though and see if I can turn up anything else. I did come across this, not sure if anything here might help: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

just get rid of the brave browser you have now and download the beta brave browser. they are not gonna fix any issues with this brave browser…i switched to beta and was able to verify my gemini wallet no problem and started getting ads again …even tho you may have bat owed to you just forget about it…i did…it’s been like 2 months now and they still have not addressed any problems with this browser …i totally stopped getting ads with this slow browser…oh and beta is faster than this one!!!

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