Who could help me solve this

Who could help me with the verification that they are using now to claim the rewards by phone or pc

Sorry, I don’t understand what is your issue

How are you doing to solve the images and win batt, you explain the process to me

Hi @WilmerJCF , if you’re asking how to control and transfer your BAT funds, maybe check here .
Otherwise, I’m also unsure what else you could be asking about…

My question is how they are doing time to earn tips, I do not get the ads

@WilmerJCF if I understand you correctly, are you saying that you get no ads, but still receive BAT? It could be similar to this thread …?

I get ads but they pay 0.010batt, do you remember that other ads that paid 5batt and 10 batt came out, and those do not come out

@WilmerJCF ah, okay. Well, I’m fairly new to Brave, but I came across several threads discussing users seeing a reduction in BAT earned.

There’s one here you can check out, it’s pretty lengthy, but other users discuss this very topic.

I hope I’ve nailed it this time in helping you :crossed_fingers:


That does not appear to me, what would be the solution?

@WilmerJCF I’m not familiar with the beta version, unfortunately. I know you can learn more about it here if you’re interested in it.

EDIT to add: If you scroll down to the middle of that site, you’ll see this with even more information.

But @WilmerJCF , Brave just released a new version of the browser today. So maybe wait before trying the beta…

but you already have the rewards enabled…

When have ads ever paid 5 or 10 BAT? I can tell you that there aren’t any such ads now, and haven’t been any such ads for as long as I have used Brave.

Are you asking how content creators receive tips? Are you asking how you can use the beta versions of Brave? (They don’t offer any more BAT than the release versions.)

@rosiecar it seems at some point, pre-October '20 from what I’ve read here and here, some users were claiming they had been receiving a lot more than, for example, .010/ ad.

I don’t know the validity of it, or what their setup could have been (creator vs. non, region, promotional, OS, etc.).

As for @WilmerJCF it’s hard to say… with every (possible) answer I gave, he had a new question to pose :upside_down_face:

@saereV It seemed to me that @WilmerJCF was saying that he got paid 5-10 BAT for EACH AD. Not even the threads you linked support that idea. Yes, the BAT reward per ad has gone down, but even before that, it was only maybe 0.10 BAT per ad. The BAT reward per ad is set by the advertiser, not by Brave. I’m thinking that the OP is confusing ad rewards with tips for content creators.

@saereV that’s true, some even paid 0.3, if only I would had known how much the bat value would increase… :sweat_smile:

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@JohnDproof same here. The BAT is great, but I like the browser for a lot more than that, too. I do wish I hadn’t been so hesitant in trying Brave a lot sooner, but I’m here now :smiley:

That’s a possibility, yeah. We may never know, though. The OP came in like a squall and then, just as suddenly, dropped off. :thinking:


Most of them do, unfortunately. They throw a hissy fit (Texas term for tantrum), then as soon as they have to actually work with a Brave team member to resolve the issue, they disappear. Either they’re too embarrassed to admit they were wrong (misunderstood the system, had a setting wrong, etc.) or they just wanted to complain.

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