Not receiving proper reward

Brave keeps telling me I have nearly 50 dollars of ad rewards to be payed out to me, yet every month all I get is around 10 dollars worth of BAT, so why is the rewards system not working correctly, am I getting all these ads for nothing?

You didn’t provide enough information to help you. For starters, some screen shots would help.

Screenshot (42)
Basically has shown similar amounts to this for the past 3 months, but I’m only paid out about 5 dollars of BAT

So you’re saying that you have an amount of BAT in your “estimated pending awards” that is stuck there and doesn’t get put into your BAT account on the “next payment date”? @steeven can you help?

That is correct, been that way since at least January, each month showing I was to be paid about 50 dollars worth of BAT and only getting a small percentage of it

@rosiecar @steeven any updates on what’s causing my problem?

What version of Brave are you using? And what operating system/device?

I’m running version 1.22.70 on windows 10 on my pc

Ok. This seems to be a common issue. @steeven @Mattches can you help?

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