Receiving ads but NEVER getting any BAT can't verify wallet-Ready to give up on Brave Rewards

I am so frustrated with Brave rewards. I have been using Brave rewards for months but NEVER earn any BAT on my laptop. I have brought this issue up several times and support

does fix it. A little reply here and there asking for browser version and internals and then I never hear back. They drop the ball all the time. I don’t think your rewards/BAT system was ready for prime time. I have just about had it with Brave rewards. Brave rewards should by synced across all of the users’s devices into their one login account, for one. There are different wallets (IF you can get one to work).

That said, I have NEVER received any BAT for all the ads I have viewed for months. I get “pending” rewards but there is NEVER any button to “claim” rewards. My BAT balance stays at ZERO. My rewards internals and wallet ID disappear whenever there is an update to Brave browser. I can’t “verify” my wallet on my laptop. I get a perpetual spinning wheel although my uphold and brave accounts are apparently linked. And how can I verify my wallet if I never get any BAT showing up. If I have to get up to 25, I can’t verify because there’s always ZERO BAT.

Then, on my phone in the Brave browser app, I discovered the receiving ads button was turned off. I didn’t turn it off. It turned itself off. Auto contribute turned itself on on both my laptop and phone. Now I can’t claim those rewards on my phone on May 5th because all the BAT I earned disappeared and now the next payment date is June 5th. Great going, Brave. We participate in your program but you need to up your support, fix the bugs and do a better job.

Version 1.23.75 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Could not agree more ! Not worth bothering with & getting wound up about. I’m seriously considering going back to Firefox & using a vpn

I’m having the same problem on Android, was there any tips on how to solve it?

I do understand your frustration. If you’d like, I’m on here right now and if you can send me your wallet payment ID (via DM) I can take a look. Additionally, would you be willing to hop on a short call with me and one of our ads devs (if necessary) to get a closer look at what may be going on?

I am sending you a dm…sorry I have been working and just saw this. I am also sending you two jpegs that may or may not have something to do with the issue. Rewards internals show NO wallet created until I do a daily Brave browser update and THEN the wallet info shows up. And then after 5 minutes or so my wallet info disappears again and returns, briefly, once I do that browser update. Weird. But I never get a button to claim rewards and therefore never 25 BAT to verify my wallet. Thank you. We can do a call some time.

I have not receive any resolution to this problem yet.

I like the Brave browser. It’s just the rewards that are not working.

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Brave has a boat load of problems with their rewards system, however I do believe they re working to fix all issues, it will be so nice to come here one day to find reward issues not dominating the forum

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I agree ! The browser is good but the Rewards does not work, I’m seriously considering blocking the ads altogether now especially as the support seems to be ignoring the problem.

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