2.980 BAT for 120 ads

My estimated BAT earnings for ads is 2.980 BAT for 120 ads. Is this how much one earns on ads or is there a mistake? I used to earn about 20-22 BAT per month with pretty much identical browser usage.

What has gone wrong this time and how do we fix this? I would appreciate if a mod could address this.

macOS Catalina
Brave Version 1.15.76 Chromium: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Rant below to express my frustration over the reoccurring problem:

For the last 2 months there has been a lot of issues with Brave rewards. A lot.

I lost BAT before but got it manually back (sent new BAT) from an admin ( @steeven ). See:

And before that there was a mid month payout since the regular payout didn’t happen. The mid month payout was significantly lower than the usual payout for me.

Now this (estimated 2.980 BAT for 120 ads). It’s just getting worse. I can’t be bothered to handle this ever through the forum every single month. It is very, very frustrating to have to deal with this every month.

I can’t for the life of me understand why the dev team bothers with adding new features to Brave when the most basic core features do not yet work consistently. It’s like producing a car that doesn’t have working breaks but the producers are all in on adding nice looking interior details.


How much BAT do other ppl get per showed ad? Anyone interested in sharing?


Seems normal. Ads value is vary, depends on the advertisers when they setup their campaigns. So it’s not always guarantee you’ll get the same BAT per ad – Brave provide many options.


I used to earn about 20-22 BAT (~$10-12). Now I earn about a 10th of what I used to earn - not even a single dollars worth of BAT, in a whole month.

Is this really the new level of ad earnings? @eljuno Is that what you are saying?
~3 BAT a month (less than $1 per month) for 5 ads/h setting and using the browser ~6+ hours a day? This is ~10% of what it was just 2-3 months ago. This is now “normal”?


Do you mind answering this @steeven ?

Is this really the new level of ad earnings?
~3 BAT a month (less than $1 per month) for 5 ads/h setting and using the browser ~6+ hours a day? This is ~10% of what it was just 2-3 months ago. This is now “normal”?

If this is the BAT earning level for ads that is to be expected then I am out. But I think I deserve an answer from one of you guys from the team. I have been using your browser for about 1 year. I do not think a serious team should ghost it’s users when stuff doesn’t seem to work or pays out ~90% less than it used to do just a month or two ago.

If it is not the level of BAT earning for ads, what is the problem and how can you help me fix it?

I know it’s hard to make what you are trying to make. But let me know what I am getting into. Do not sell me on a broken thing claiming it works as advertised. That is fraud.


Y’all still viewing ads ?:joy: I gave up a long time…brace rewards is technically dead

The team made mistake by allocating too much on referral system than the reward system


Yeah even When I installed it for the first time paid more than 50 BAT using 3+ devices, but right now this month in October I haven’t received any ad but since from 2 days started receiving ads. I know the team might be working hard but we users are using the browser for 6+ hours sharing our data to you and earning $0.1 or $0.2 is useless. May within 1-2 months the user count will be down for sure if there is no use of earning by using this browser.

Watching 100+ ads but not receiving the payout per ad is worst. And we are waiting 45-60 days to get the payment. That’s a bad strategy at least tips should be added asap to the account. But tips also taking the same time period.

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Agreed. I chose Brave primarily because of the BAT earnings. The ad blocking (non ok:d ads) has been nice, but that can be handled by extensions in many other browsers without the other hassles and shortcomings that Brave has.

Since Brave seems to have killed off the rewards system and do not seem to engage when asked about it with their users I’ll collect my 70 cents worth of BAT at the beginning of next month and change all my devices back to Safari and Chrome.

I was originally fed up with all the hassle and issues with Brave last month, but was compensated what I lost then and convinced to give Brave another shot (see link in OP). But Brave has not improved since, Brave has gotten significantly worse.

All the issues with Brave are not worth the roughly $1 a month that the Brave rewards has fallen to.

I’m sure I’m not the only user that Brave will use in the coming weeks and months because of this. I’ll also no longer speak well about Brave to others but suggest they do not bother with it - because of all the issues I have already risen in this and the linked thread in the OP.

I wonder what will happen to the value of BAT if there is a significant number of users leaving like me (and you?) …


Still same answer and I’m pretty sure it’s clear enough @deroj.

Some ads can give you more BAT – if the advertisers choose a higher option. Or lower. Again, depends on the advertisers. Brave only provide the options.

So, why your earning is lower? Because you see an ads with lower ad value. And there’s nothing wrong with the system if the advertisers choose a lower one.

From the beginning, the promise never change. User get 70% of the revenue share.

Brave Ads is still in early steps, IMHO. ~1 year old since announced. Compared to current BIG ads company.

Wrong. BAT used to pay users (for Brave Ads) is from advertisers. brave.com/transparency

The schedule never changed. Ads payout is started once a month, every 5th, US time zone.


Ok. Thanks you for the answer @eljuno

I take this to mean that this is what to be expected from now on:
Roughly $1 per month ad revenue to use Brave. Sometimes, maybe, more. But I have no reason to believe it to be significantly higher.

Something must have changed somewhere. Even if you do not know where. Maybe there are far more low revenue ads than ever before. I don’t know. Because previous months I have gotten roughly 20-23 BAT a month. Last month there was a drop to 15-16 BAT, and now all of a sudden a huge drop to 3 BAT.

Now that I have a fairly straight answer I can make a decision regarding to continue using Brave or not.

Do the downsides with Brave make it worth using the Browser over any other browser in exchange for roughly $1 worth of BAT per month? (I have no reason to think this will change since this is said to be normal.)

For me the answer regarding continuing to use Brave as my default browser is hence a definite no.
I do not see a reason for others that changed to Brave due to Brave Rewards (ad revenue) to stick with Brave after finding this out.

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I’m a new user of Brave (a couple of months). I’m getting 0.042 BAT/ad.
I chose Brave for its features after being a long time user of Chrome. For me, the rewards system is a bonus as it lets me contribute to the web sites I use most. But I’d keep using Brave just for it’s features even if rewards weren’t available.


Srsly, these complaints remember me of youtubers crying.

This happens with any media that rewards ads. In almost a decade ago, Google was promoting youtubers, there was few content and most youtubers were content creation hobbyists who hated banners and didn’t want banners on their videos. Google was paying handsome money for banners and a ton of ppl became youtubers, content grew and money melted, they are crying even today.

Same thing happened with Twitch, Mixer (don’t RIP), cos.tv, etc. When it grows or when advertisers flee, money goes away.

If u had come to Brave expecting any relevant money from ads, u were dreaming. Rewards is just a little incentive, so that users consent to viewing ads. You won’t pay ur bills by watching ads all day while browsing.

The real value of Brave is the built-in ads block and privacy features. Yes, most of it we can get from extensions, but Brave brings these features built-in while other browsers don’t. And Brave’s ads are ethical, as they respect our privacy.

The matter is that completely blocking ads isn’t sustainable. In the past, many ads were added by js that would fetch them from ad servers, so it was just a matter of disabling js and we were done. Many many web designers were promoting unobstructive javascript, which made it even better, as the web designing best practice was to accept users to block js and still provide them full features and content. Sadly this idea didn’t survive and almost died.

And what did many web designers did? They got features broken, content unavailable, and all sorts of issues, when js wasn’t run. Most of them added ads directly from HTML+CSS, in front of the content, and only js was able to remove them.

Face it, every time we find a new way of blocking ads, advertisers will find a new way of harassing us and forcing us to stop blocking. They just earn tons of money and are willing to spend it all harassing us if needed, just to force us to get back into looking at their ads. They’re gonna do it, instead of just giving up and closing business.

Brave brings a solution for that, as it lets ads flow, but now under their rules, and also sending some (most) of the income to us to make incentive. It’s by far the best solution!

As @eljuno said, 70% of the revenue comes to us. It’s still a matter of how many advertisers promote their ads on Brave, how much they pay, and how disputed our customer profile is. If fewer advertisers are using Brave, or if they are placing fewer ads, or if they are aiming at fewer users, then we earn less. Brave isn’t taking our money! As Youtuber networks weren’t years ago.

To finish it, now remember that we’re talking about BAT. It’s a token, inside ETH Network. Cryptocurrency is still scarcely used and very complex for most ppl. Most advertisers aren’t willing to register on some CEX, send money to them, trade it for ETH, then trade ETH for BAT, then pay for ads. Even if Brave team offers to do it for them and just accept normal money, few browser users are willing either to learn how to handle BAT. So, if the userbase is small, even fewer advertisers will be interested.


I am complaining about the 85-90% drop. It’s just not worth to me to stay with a browser with other issues (Brave) when the incentives are reduced to such an extent.

User should know that their BAT earnings can, and most likely will, drop to ~3-4 BAT a month (roughly $1 a month) over time.

If the BAT earning isn’t your incentive to chose Brave over other browsers, that’s fine. Continue using it. For me the BAT earning was the incentive and I was ok with it while I got what I got previously (~20-23 BAT a month).
All the ad blocks I can get through extensions with most browsers. It takes about a minute once to get them, and after that they work better for my working environment than Brave does (e.g. less hassle with stuff not working properly and constant updates).

It is what it is. When incentives for buying, using, choosing something drop significantly ppl chose other things. Brave is no longer providing me with what it once did and with those gone I prefer a better working product.


I get it. If it was ur reason, then just feel free to change. But remember that it’s not Brave team’s fault that it dropped. And that maybe it will grow back again, in the same way that u should expect it dropping.

Maybe u should analyse what made it drop. As I said, maybe more ppl are using Brave and ads are more distributed. Not in quantity, but on the amount paid by each ad: advertisers are putting more ads, more ppl are seeing, and they are paying the same total amount. Or maybe ur profile lost value to them, therefore they keep putting ads but paying less.

I myself never earned so many BAT in a single month, I think I never got more than 5 BAT. I also notice that some companies keep repeating the same ad I had been seeing for months, which means a waste. Maybe they keep sending the ad but start paying less to ppl who had alrdy seen them.

The issues I have with Brave are related to changes Google do on Chromium. It’s damn annoying, as they break things that ppl report working on the past, and it affects all other browsers and not only Chrome. It goes to the point that maybe all developers should band together and fork Chromium to get definitely free from Google.


If there are no advertisers, there are no ads.

If you realize it alone (at least in my region), only ads for cryptocurrencies arrive, but not for consumer products or other types of services. I don’t know if it is because of the COVID crisis, but the project from my point of view is dead and has no future. The value of BAT does not stop falling on the market for this reason, the project was very promising but in practice it has little viability. Without advertisers there are no ads for users and people in the end deactivate the service or many leave Brave as it is already going through what I see in forums.

I would abandon the BAT project and focus on improving the browser, which is a good product that still has uncorrected bugs.


I use Brave for really long time, maybe I dont know how rewards should work but I use this brovser at work and at home for over 6 months and I received around 0.56 usd.

Someone know what am I doing wrong?

On a separate yet similar note, I’m just wondering how much people are getting paid for using other web browsers?

I’m betting the answer is zero so I’m with the other user here who said that firstly they use brave for the privacy settings and other technical developments, earnings from pop-up ads that are non-invasive I just a bonus.

If we want to see the earnings increase then ideally we want to be trying to make sure that for advertisers it becomes lucrative to advertise through brave. If that’s the case then more adverts will be posted, and there will be a greater share of the revenue spread among the users. At the end of the day the user base has it increased substantially and that means that there are less funds to go around. It is frustrating if you were here in the beginning and earning quite a bit and now you’re earning less, but that just means we were some of the lucky ones and all the new users will never know what it was like to earn substantially more.


@deroj you’re not the only one. I had this gripe a while back. Check it out: Reduced Payout for Brave Rewards

It’s only getting worse too. I’m at only 3.35 BAT for this month. So as you can see it has been decreasing for me every month for the entire year.

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I have received 230 ads = 11.010 BAT…and USD2.05
For some reason I almost stopped receiving ads and previously obtained rewards are slowly being reduced. What’s going on?
How can this be happening to so many people?
These are the things that make people lose faith and look for alternatives.


Have you set how many ads you’ve allowed per hour?
go to Brave Rewards settings and click on what I circled in red in the image below…you can set the number there…

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