Where does Brave store passwords on windows 10?

Hi everyone!
So my computed died one year ago, i got a new one and today i finally decided to acces my old drive to get my files back. I had a gmail password saved in the browser in my old computer. Is there a way to find that password somewhere in the drive, or maybe to launch the version of brave installed in the old drive so i can connect and change my password?

I went in the directory where brave was installed in the old drive, it gives me BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser and there i have an “Application” and “Temp” folder, dunno what to do next, i’m a bit lost!

Thank you if anyone can help!



Open brave://settings/passwords, click the eye icon to reveal passwords stored in browser.

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Hey thanks! I actually already did that, it only shows me the password saved on my new computer tho, not the old one i’m looking for :confused:


The following is valid for users who unfortunately lost their passwords:

I am afraid that your passwords are lost if you 1) didn’t save them in Brave in CSV format 2) or you didn’t synchronise browser data with another device.

You can try 1) a system restore if available but it is not advisable as this will interfere with wallet rewards, 2) Also you may try “previous version” - if still available -by right-clicking on “user data” (found here for 64bit devices:


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