Where does brave save the passwords?

Hi so I just bought a new laptop, and I installed brave, but unfortunately my old laptop broke i got its hard drive but I just want to import the passwords info from the old brave as that had a lot of info about my password

I just wanted to know where does it store the password exactly


I found two sources that may help:



Physically, you might prevail, by placing your old hard drive in an external USB housing, attaching that assembly to your new computer, and somehow mount that old drive to your new computer’s directory (Windows might do that automatically - though prompting you for permission to proceed) . . . an icon for the drive then appearing in your newer Windows OS.

Then, see if you can arrange for your new computer to start up via the old drive. If so, then you might export the passwords and bookmarks. And after that, start up your new computer on its own, new drive.

And then import the passwords and bookmarks.


You can probably find tips on how to get over the difficult parts of all that work, by searching the Internet and taking a look at YouTube.


Brave Browser for Windows OS users – Locate the BraveSoftware directory at




Might help:

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