Where do I find Bravo's Bookmarks file and what is it called?

I’m going to be bringing my comp into the shop soon for some work. This always presents a slightly sensitive issue as the city I live in is plagued with political fanaticism and I am ( to put it mildly) not of the same ideological persuasion as the dominant minority. If any of the techs happen to look at my Bookmarks, they will see plenty that will “trigger” them with unpredictable consequences.

In the past, when I had Firefox Mozilla, I dealt with this issue by saving my JSON file and then deleting everything that might set off these dementos. After the work was done, I simply replaced the current (self-censored) JSON file with the original, uncensored version.

I need to know how to do this with Bravo. Right now, I don’t even know what file I’m looking for.

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This is how it is done.
Press ctrl+shift+O or cmd+shift+O
Click the menu button
then click export Bookmark.
follow the images below


It’s that simple? I will check it immediately.

It worked like a charm, thanks. I actually saw that on the menu before I posted the thread
but I thought it was only for use when switching browsers. Well, I know better now.

How do I import bookmarks from Pale Moon browser?

Okay, I got my comp from the shop and went to import my old (uncensored) Bookmarks file and it didn’t quite work: the old Bookmarks is now in a folder called “Imported/Bookmarks bar” on my present (censored) Bookmarks. In other words, I still have all the links but they’re not in exactly the right place.

I can manually replace each sub-folder from Imported/Bookmarks to the main Bookmarks
but this seems like a slow, inelegant way to proceed…

I’m guessing I missed something along the way. Can you shed any light?

You can also manually export your (old) bookmarks and import them into (new) Brave.

Taken from our Help Center:

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I already did all that. I was trying to put the old Bookmarks file back.

If you go to Import bookmarks and Settings, select Bookmarks HTML file and you can import the file into Brave (or any browser).

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Does the above work non-destructively in all cases?

I want to import my Dev version bookmarks into the Release version (& maybe vice versa) without losing any of the current bookmarks in the Release version.


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The original post here says a lot about where so much of tech ‘is at’ today.

It will be interesting to see how the way tech & the sociopolitical zeitgeist have intertwined is eventually recorded in the history books (or wherever history is recorded in the future).

Meanwhile, for a quick reminder we have their Twitter accounts.

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Yes, the export option will do exactly what you’re looking for.

Thanks. Is there a way to ‘back up’ the current Bookmarks before doing that (just in case)?

Or has there never been an ‘overwrite’ or other issue where Bookmarks were lost from an export/import?

This will not overwrite or “replace” you bookmarks. It will just import them and add them to the existing list.

If you have 10 bookmarks in the browser, and import 20 more – you’ll be left with 30 bookmarks after import.

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