Updated today. All book marks are gone

All my Brave bookmarks disappeared when I updated to the newest version today. Tried to import bookmarks from “old brave”. during the setup. Nothing happened. Help please. Can I undo my update ?


I have the exact same issue! I am not impressed with the new update so far. I had my old brave setup exactly how I liked it. Now pretty much every one of my bookmarks is GONE GONE GONE.
Not happy right now. I have so many other things to do than try to rebuild my bookmarks. I have grad school classes to accomplish. Might be switching back to Mozilla or Chrome over this. At least they’ve never completely toasted my bookmarks file.

Hey there folks

The old version of Brave is still on your machine. If you’re on Windows, there should be a shortcut called “Brave (old)”

That said, the importer should absolutely work. @jameslsuhr you can find it under Settings if you search for Import. From there, pick Brave (old) from the dropdown. @jbgood are you seeing any errors when doing the import? If it works, it should show the “Import finished” success message (with a checkmark icon)

I’m having the same issue and did precisely as you have instructed several times… The only thing it seemed to have imported was my browsing history. All of my bookmarks, passwords, and settings are gone.

Your data is still there - the issue may be with the importer itself. Depending on your OS, your Brave Muon data should be located either:

  • ~/AppData/Local/brave (Windows)
  • ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser (macOS)
  • ~./config/brave (Linux

Can you check and tell me what you find when you navigate to [your appropriate] install path?

Unfortunately the Brave folder is completely gone from my Appdata folder. (win7) I was able to get the old browser up and it was able to bring up my history, open tabs, etc. So it’s bound to be somewhere. I’ll keep looking, but if you know, by all means. Thank you for your speedy reply.

Try ~/AppData/Roaming/brave
I may be getting things confused between versions.

No cigar, sir. The only Brave data I have been able to find is regarding the new install which is completely fresh. I’m scratching my head though, and logic would dictate that since my browser still has my passwords, it’s not gone completely.

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Same problem here. I’m quite disappointed with the new version suddenly springing up and causing this trouble for no reason.

The Import Bookmarks in the new version doesn’t work - I click it, select “Import from Brave (Old)” and it says “Import finished” - “Toggle Bookmarks Visible?”, but nothing happens. No bookmarks, passwords or anything else are ever actually imported despite it claiming to be successful.

Is there a way to move them manually? I think I’ve located Brave and Brave Software data in the %LOCAL% AppData folder, but I can’t discern which one is which and I am unable to see any files or folders in them that might contain the user data I want to copy - instead it’s all scattered in a billion different files with unrecognizable names.

Please help.

Using Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia, so far, all bookmarks, passwords etc are working fine.

I found my Muon data on my Mac at ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser.

Is there a way I can manually transfer that data to the new Brave?

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All bookmarks other than the bookmark bar are gone.

So, I’m in /AppData/Local/brave (Windows). Where would the bookmark data be? What file? What folder with that directory?

Why not just import the old bookmarks?

Choose import


Then choose the old Brave bookmarks


Alright, I found where the old bookmarks are. They’re in Settings > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager.

Still can’t get Flash to work though.

By the way, do you have a procedure for testing the new releases? Seems like you throw them out there, knock on wood, cross your fingers, and hope they work.

Most users like “new and improved”. But, “new and problematic”?

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So I just gave up on finding my bookmarks, uninstalled the new version, did a fresh reinstall of the 25 version. At the very least I still have my passwords saved, but I lost years worth of bookmarks, research, and reference pages.

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That’s not the problem. The import function as described there does nothing (it claims to have imported the bookmarks whereas in reality nothing happens).

I would also really appreciate a clarification on which files and folders to copy because that AppData/Local/Brave folder is quite big and it’s not obvious which files are bookmarks and where they should go.

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This has happened to me too. I don’t want to lose hundreds of bookmarks! Import Brave (old) doesn’t work.

This import (old) function does not work. It’s possible my old bookmarks were corrupted as the manage bookmarks editor was always a serious pain to use and unable to do basic operations.

Right, I might be fixed. Problem 1 was that the old Brave icon pinned to my taskbar, now in grey, did not open the old version when clicked so I presumed it was dead link to a wiped old version.

I have found the old version in the directories and run it manually there. Then I exported my old bookmarks and imported the html file to the new Brave.

Then I did import settings from Brave (old) and unticked the bookmarks check mark. Now i have my logins and passwords again by the looks of it. Hopefully nothing is now missing.

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rhotb can you write the exact path of where that exported file should be placed? I exported it but have no idea where to move it in order for new Brave to make use of it.

EDIT: sorry, I found it myself in new Brave’s Bookmark Manager/Import/HTML file and it WORKED (YAY!!!). No need for moving the file manually.

Thanks so much rhotb!

So to recap, THIS is the method that worked:

  1. In the old browser, enter the bookmarks manager and use the “export bookmarks as HTML file” function. Save that HTML file to your desktop.
  2. In the new browser, Import bookmarks from HTML file. Select the file you just created on your desktop.
  3. In the new browser, use the Import function on everything except bookmarks (bookmarks must be unchecked) to get the rest of your data such as passwords and cookies.

Good luck!