“Channel will be transferred from current owner in a short time.”

I got it. I know I should explain better (I’m Old) I will try better.

Using Windows 7 Desktop

When you place a screenshot - such as you did, that shows the Brave Browser for Windows version - try to only provide:

Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 11.56.03 AM

So that your personal bookmarks are NOT showing (they reveal info about you — again, though we try and fail sometimes, still try for your security).

And, it looks like some recent attempt by you, to update, failed. You probably ought to take another swing at getting the most recent version for Windows.

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I think the only way to update my Brave Browser will to do a reinstall and I’m scared I will lose my BAT.

Did you try the “Learn more” thing, in the About . . . window?

At this moment, I doubt you need to re-install Brave Browser for Windows.

In the meantime, I typically recommend getting and installing CCleaner by Piriform - they have a free version - for cleaning cache and stuff, on Windows machines.


Also, back up your Bookmarks.html file.

Go to: brave://bookmarks/

Locate the Menu button — possibly near the Search (Magnifying Glass) icon

Click on that button, and select “Export bookmarks”


Tips on exporting the Bookmarks:

Good idea to occasionally back up your Windows Registry


And, Create a System Restore Point


Let the support team take a look before you take such measures on your own. The support team members usually log around this time, shouldn’t take much longer until you receive a response from them.

This is what I get when I click on “Learn More”. It looks like they want me to reinstall the browser.

Follow the advice of “Rethanis”:

Another strange thing, if I remove my YouTube channel from the Creators list and refresh the list it pops back up even after clearing my cookies and history.

Since I’m (Very) new to this, how do I do that?

Simply patiently wait for a response from a support team member.

At this point I close to cutting my losses and running. I was denied an Uphold account so I started a Gemini account which cost my a $20 fee from my bank to do a wire transfer as part of Gemini’s verification process only to find out tipping yourself is not allowed. I try to setup my YouTube channel in my Brave creators account and it wont work. I tipped myself 40 BAT to the channel that I’m guessing I’ll never see again because I can’t get the Creators list to take it. I have spent countless hours trying to get my rewards that have (Earned by putting up with adds) amassed over a long period of time. Time spent trying to get an Uphold account and researching brave that I will never get back all over 108 BAT, around $60.

I have never used Brave Rewards myself, doubt I ever will, so I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to any issues regarding Brave Rewards. I would gladly try to assist you in resolving your issues but I absolutely avoid trying to help people with issues I don’t understand because everyone deserves the best support, something I simply can’t provide when it comes to Brave Rewards. Like I wrote above, let a support team member take a look at this thread, they’re the ones who can assist you in the best possible way. Good luck :+1:


@Rethanis It takes longer for support team to answer threads on weekends as Sat-Sun are holidays in US.

Also, if you can, learn about Brave Rewards. You have been a good help !!

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This is how I feel.

How did you donate to your YouTube channel if you hadn’t linked it to a Creator’s Account?

Can you send a screenshot of this page from the device you donated to your YouTube Account: brave://rewards/
(Send the Screenshot of the Tips Subheading…)

And also, why were you denied an Uphold Account?

Which area do you live in? Maybe your location is the cause of it not letting you create an Uphold Account.

I’m not sure why Uphold denied me. I even had my wife try to set up an account and they denied her as well.

Minnesota in the United States.