Where is the Brave Browser User Manual After Importing Bookmarks from Firefox?

Where is the Brave Browser User Manual After Importing Bookmarks from Firefox? After downloading the desktop app, the manual was there. Now it’s gone.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “user manual”? Do you mean documentation? If so, we have a Help Center that you can reference:

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Thank you for responding!

I did try the Help Center. It does not have the information I seek.

It may have been quite a while since you downloaded the newest, complete package for the Windows app. Now when one opens the virgin app, there is a link to a pdf file which is labeled “Brave User Manual” or something close. I think that file was included in the download but it is not in the app directory.

Since I imported my Firefox bookmarks, however, I can no longer find that link. I may have actually deleted it unintentionally. Now I want to find it again. Capiche?

You are right to include the tip on importing bookmarks. Bookmarks are the problem.

  1. Brave bookmarks on my W7 machine are currently three levels deep. That’s too awkward. They need to be no more than 1 click away, like in Firefox.

  2. The menu bar at the top, always visible with zero clicks away, is preferred by power users. Why do app designers keep taking it away? [Rhetorical question - do not answer - I do not care!] At least with Firefox, one can bring it back. I haven’t found a way to do that yet in Brave.

Thank you for your kind attention.



  1. You can click/drag, cut or copy/paste and reorganize your bookmarks at any time by going to Menu --> Bookmarks Manager:
  2. If you want the bookmarks toolbar to stay displayed, go to Settings --> Appearance --> Show bookmarks and toggle this option on. You can also use ctrl + shift + b to hide/display the toolbar at any time.

Apologies but no, I’m not sure I’m following what it is you’re looking for. I’m not familiar with any “Brave user manual”?

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Hi, @Firewall99. Having just downloaded standalone installers for Release, Beta, Nightly, and Dev for macOS and Windows, the closest thing that I can think of is the brave://welcome tour.

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