Where can I access my open tabs list?

Description of the issue:

My OS got corrupted and I want a list of all the open tabs on my browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Corrupt your windows after your BIOS is corrupted
  2. Identify the need to format your computer
  3. Have the will (and patience) to try to know how the list/profile/information of where the previous open tabs are so you can access this list and copy it to a safe storage device.

Expected result:

Figure out where this information is located so I can access it and open those tabs again after I format my PC

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Unable to figure out, windows is effed up.

Additional Information:

I appreciate all of your help.

You can check here ( brave://history/ )

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Did any of the data in your Brave profile folder get trashed? If it’s intact, you can probably just back it up and then restore it into a new profile after your reinstall. (There are likely already some threads here on how to do that.)

So… Your bios has been corrupted because of some tabs, you want to find back these tabs out of a list, then fix your bios, and relaunch those tabs that messed up with your bios.

That’s it ?

If yes, I would just say that there is probably zero relation between your corrupted bios and any tab from any browser… and you probably have bigger issues than finding back your browsing history that won’t solve anything.

If no, I just don’t understand your problem :sweat_smile:

yes, very weird problems both at the same time. But it is really possible to get attacked by any virus… @PDK

I didn’t think he was saying the browser had anything to do with the PC issue. I think it’s that the PC blew up all on its own, and he just wants to be able to get his browser data back.

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yess… Things happen. For these types of cases we need a brave account for username and password login. Sync chains are hard to remember or hard to manage. If we have multiple sync phrases, then god knows which was for which profile.

What happened was that my BIOS got corrupted IDK how. The system was restarting several times. I flashed the BIOS, it self fixed but then when I was trying to start again, windows was corrupted. The OS crashing has nothing to do with my browser.

The computer itself is working and I plan to just format it and keep using it. I just don’t wanna lose my open tabs list because I have my reasons to do so.

I managed to access my tabs list from Vivaldi browser and Chrome, just Brave is giving me a headache trying to figure out where this info is stored.

I’m thinking about giving up but got so frustrated at it that now I reeeeally wanna know where it is just for the accomplishment of finding it xD

Anyway, everything else from that PC is already backed-up, only this is missing.

If you had synced the brave using sync phrase then only you can access the history…If you’ve not backed up the sync phrase then No Luck.

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