Lost all my tabs

When my hard drive became corrupted a month ago I had to reinstall an operating system and wipe the drives.

Before doing so, I completely backed up the brave folders, however I can’t seem to find a way to get back my lost tabs. I see a folder called user data which includes a file called “last browser” but I’ve got no idea how to get back my lost tabs from these files.

I guess, its encrypted. Passwords are encrypted to be only seen on that device, I guess same for tabs.
@Aman_M @Saoiray might have a better idea

@kangzosa Have you replaced your backed-up Brave-Browser folder to your current directory? Were you able to recover other data like bookmarks, settings, passwords also (since you are on the same system) etc. And are you able to see your history?

The bookmarks were synced to multiple devices so that wasn’t an issue.

It doesn’t seem like it boots up my last browser despite placing files in the new folder, but I’m not sure I’m placing them in the right area.

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