Lost my (a hundred?) tabs after restarting the computer


I just updated some drivers and restarted the system.
I started brave and it did not shown nor any of my previous tabs (just the default one) and no option to recover my session.

Please, how can I fix this?


Hello @Nightlane

are you sure you choose Continue where you left off in the setting page
and you was not in private mode or you choose clear cache on exist

you can go to the history and check your old tabs there

and have a nice day

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For the future!
Go brave://settings/getStarted
Select following: continue where you left off

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lol, while i was typing :wink:

loool @Rotblut

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Yeah, I have that option enabled from the start, remember “more than 100 tabs” usually are not achieved in a short while :-p. BTW, it should be enabled by default :man_shrugging:

No, no private browsing either. Just a ton of tabs accumulated through several days/weeks, turning off the computer every day and continuing the next day.

@justsomeone1 @Rotblut

Is there a way to recover the session? For example, Chrome had some backup files you could rename to the original names to try to recover the previous session.

go to menu then history then looks if there something called 100 tab or close number then click on it and wait to load all tab

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Thanks @justsomeone1

But nothing as that as far as I have seen!

I have just remembered that I, yesterday, run avast cleaner and deleted some browser cache data… BUT, the rest of browsers have their sessions… hmmm

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you welcome

go to menu then history there will be arrow next to it once it open look on the tabs i said
look at the screen shot

there also file called Last Session in your profile folder of brave it contain the tab from the last session but it will drive you crazy so try the first way first

Thanks @justsomeone1

I updated the previous post.

BTW, I tried the history but nothing…


you welcome but sorry idk other way except to open them again from the history

but away from your issue opening 100 tab is huge for your browser and it even would eat a lot of your computer resource

this is the cause as you said

Thank you very much!

Yep! it does consume a ton of resources! (gladly I have more than enough computer power)

It is a problem I have to try to solve in a way or another, like trying to stop to maintenance the browser instead of trying to do as many things as possible as fast as I can :-p

For example, I have just opened this: Tasks related tabs?

you very welcome

not sure if that would help but would create other profile and split the tabs between them help or not

to create new profile click on menu then choose create a new profile

or much better bookmark all the tabs you want and split them into seaperate folder then when you want to open certain group of tabs go to brave://bookmarks/ then right click on the folder you want from the left hand side them choose open all bookmarks

it will open all page from this bookmark folder

and you can also search for extension in webstore if you like

hope that help and have a nice day

Duh, the problem has occurred again.

No cleaning nor nothing this time. Just turn on the computer, open brave, and no tabs nor a way to recover them besides using the history, hellishly manually.

If I can not recover them easier I am going to abandon this browser…

is it also avast cleaner this time or something else?

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