Brave has crashed and i need a coupld tabs that were open

i had to download firefox because Brave started crashing. i have about 8 tabs open, 3 i sort of need. i can restore, but it crashes before i can grab the webpage link. is there anyway i can see what those active tabs were?

Power off your Network and Launch the Browser again.

i did that and shut down my computer and powered back up. no change

Make Sure the Network is Not connected while you Launch the Browser… Which version of Windows ?

i turned off my wifi. i have two laptops, 1 is win10, the one i’m having issues with is my win8.1 (i keep this one as backup) thanks for getting back to me

It’s very likely due to the recent shields update interacting with youtube/google. See my assembled solution post here:

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Did the solution above work?

haven’t had a chance to try it, been away form the computer all day, i’ll try it tomorrow, thanks everyone. i’ll report back when i test it

For what it’s worth, there’s an update that was pushed out today. New instruction:
Don’t click the restore button on sight, as it’ll crash right there. You should be able to still click that button after this.
Try to visit brave://components , and just update down the whole list. Then hit restore, and it shouldn’t crash. Mentioned here

You can check the other post again to see if you need any other possible fixes.

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i did the component update just now, and it seems to have stabilized so far? i’m a happy camper. all the people that rely on me for desktop support run Brave as their primary browser and i was worried i’d start getting service calls to a problem i had no idea how to solve. thank you every one for responding

No problem. Glad the issue was resolved.
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