Re-opening tabs


I remember making a similar post over a month ago, but this got me quite puzzled!

The issue was that, one day, I opened Brave and it asked me whether I wanted to restore my windows + tabs, and I did. Unfortunately it didn’t open the tabs that were open in last session and neither could I access them through the history. Not without browsing back for weeks, at least.

Then it happened again recently, and I regretted not getting an extension that saves sessions/tabs.

However, today I opened Brave expecting my two windows + their tabs to be opened, and they did, but one of the windows does not contain the tabs I kept open yesterday. It contains the tabs I lost many sessions ago! Which would have been great if it weren’t for the fact that I’d rather have Brave restore yesterday’s session instead of these tabs from over a month ago.

Some more info: I’m on Windows 8.1. My Brave is set to ‘continue where I left off’, but each time this weird tab/session thing happens, Brave had to ask me to restore the page first as if the program hasn’t been exited properly. Brave version 1.2.43.

Does this happen more often? Am I the only one? Anything I can do to keep my tabs where they should be? I’d love to know!

Ah, I made a mistake there.

The window contains both tabs from over a month ago and some from yesterday. Which is good for me but also very weird.

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