All my windows and tabs are gone after a Windows Update restart!

And there’s no way to restore them! :frowning: The hell?!?

@Wizardling On which version of brave are you seeing this issue? Also, what is the windows version?
I am using Windows 10 home, never seen this issue anytime.

Please check %appdata%, If your brave profile exists then you can restore AppData.

cc @eljuno @Mattches For better assistance


Windows 10 Home

Brave Version 0.64.75 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@Wizardling Thanks for the information. Can you please check the %appdata% and try to restore the previous profile?


Which you do as follows:
Press and hold Windows button + R until the “Run” window opens. Enter %appdata% and click OK.

You will end up in a folder. The desired folder is, if I’m right, in the AppData\Local directory.

If you are using Windows 10, you can click on “AppData” at the top of the opened folder to return to the previous directory. There you open “Local”. Here you should find the folder “BraveSoftware”. :slight_smile:

I hope this is what @gsarvadnya meant.

Translated with

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I don’t know how many times you’ve opened/quit the browser but for future reference, when you close the browser (often even when it crashes unexpectedly), you should see any open tabs from you previous session in the Main Menu --> History drop-down menu:

Yeah, and the history is of course what I used to recreate my three windows of tabs. I know I could’ve tried to restore settings, but I’d made a bunch of changes to my tabs in the last run of Brave (which I often have open for many days at a time). At least I didn’t have my five windows and hundreds of tabs of Chrome… yet. But Chrome offers to restore a session when something goes wrong on launch.

Yeah, but doesn’t Brave only save the session on quit, which has never been helpful when one is leaving it open constantly, opening and closing tabs every day.

Typically Brave will also do this, I’m not sure why it didn’t offer you this option. But the option to restore previously opened tabs should still be there. Additionally, just to confirm, ensure you have the Continue where you left off option selected in Settings --> On Startup

:point_up: Brave should save sessions on close or quit or crash.Close --> Restore and Quit --> Restore shown below
( I’m now realizing that the window with 14 tabs is opening on my second monitor not captured – my bad, oh well!)
On Close

On Quit

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Yeah, I have the right settings for continuing where I left off, setup. I mean Brave didn’t offer me the option to manually restore my session that time, even though clearly something had gone wrong automatically restoring it.


Same here. That really sucked.
I get it, more people onboard = more updates.
But there needs to be a balance of retaining the magic established and growing the Brave universe.
I’ve got some serious update fatigue from Brave!

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Indeed. I accept bugs happen. But losing one’s work or in this case windows and tabs with no easy way to restore, is pretty bad. A crash I can live with. But losing stuff makes me nervous.

Maybe it would be a good idea to create automatic session snapshots, and be able to restore them as needed.

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