When brave starts, it tries to open webcam

when i open brave, it tries to access my webcam. is this normal behavior? i am running spyshelter, otherwise, i likely wouldn’t have known.
edit: so with further digging, it seems to be only when i try to access webpages, not when i just open. it was a bookmark shortcut that triggered it upon opening before. but if i just open brave from the brave shortcut, it doesn’t do that for that homepage (bing homepage). but, for example, when i go to google maps, it asks me for access to my webcam. and many many other sites. i’m finding this odd, b/c maps doesn’t need my webcam.

windows 11, home.

I have used “SpyShelter”. Unless its a general message, is there a tab trying to access the webcam?

If you open the Camera app in windows, after Brave is open. Does the Camera app show a picture?

camera etc all works fine. spyshelter doesn’t ask permission for camera, and it shows picture. this is a peculiarity with websites asking for permission to use camera. as i mentioned, google maps and other services are the ones that i am noticing the most b/c i use them a lot. so if open google maps to some place, in brave, it asks 2x for access to my camera (it repeats the query after i deny the first). then if i retry in firefox, with the exact same address, there is no attempt to access my camera. edge likewise doesn’t ask permission to access my camera. now it isn’t “brave” that is likely asking, it is the website (in this place: google). but for some reason it must be natively blocked in the other browsers or something, so it never triggers spyshelter. besides the creepiness of google trying to get their eyes on me, it’s odd that brave wouldn’t block this naturally when the other browsers apparently do. (or spyshelter has a weird bug that makes this false positive with brave, which i doubt).

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