Webcam not opened in web browser

Hello. I am using Brave in my Ubuntu 18.04.
It is a nice experience so far. But i have a problem.
When i join google meet, or others. It can’t find any webcam, even not asking for permission to access camera. i have manually give the permission in brave to access my webcam, but it didn’t work. I reinstalled the browser but no change. but my webcam is absolutely fine. And it works with Mozilla, and chromium.

What can i do?

Can you try going to Settings --> Extensions --> Hangouts and ensure that this option is toggled On?

yes. it’s on. here is the pic, when i start the meet ->from brave , from chromium , extension status of brave, manually permitted the camera permission from brave

Can you try opening the Shields panel in the address bar and changing the Fingerprinting option to Allow all fingerprinting and see if this changes the behavior?

If not, can you also try allowing Autoplay on the site? I know that may seem like a strange solution but it has caused issues before.

no change. and all of the options are allowed by default what you have asked.

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