What's up with the extremely laggy, stuttery video from Amazon Prime and Netflix?

I just installed Brave and am loving it so far, but am completely unable to play Amazon Prime or Netflix shows and movies. That is, they play, and they say they are in HD, but they stutter like crazy and the image is a bit blurred – definitely not 1080p. I’ve trolled through all the posts about toggling Widevine on/off, but I’m not getting the “Widevine not installed popup” so I don’t know what is going on exactly, but given that we’re in lockdown and this problem has apparently been ongoing for a year I don’t understand why the Brave support team hasn’t jumped all over it. Is the ad-blocking making Amazon and Netflix deprecate download speeds to people using Brave, or is it going through a Tor node that slows everything down like a VPN? Any comments with a working solution would be appreciated. I had to re-install Chrome just to watch movies, which is less-than-ideal.

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