Amazon Prime Movies no long play

(I have such a time knowing how and where to post this problem)

Running Brave Dev on Win 7 laptop.

Been using Brave Dev for over 2 months and played Amazon Prime movies just fine becs the normal Brave wouldn’t play Amazon Prime. Then, a few days ago, when go to play any Prime movies, get an error message: We are experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance please go to I can play them in Google Chrome.

Have deleted Cache and History. I don’t see Widevine as an extension.

Version 0.72.107 Chromium: 78.0.3904.50 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

Hi @Grammy, unfortunately, Brave doesn’t fully support Windows 7 – compatibility issues like this are common on that version of Windows.

Try pulling this up in the address bar: brave://settings/?search=widevine. You should see a toggle to enable Widevine here.

Thank you Asad. This is what I get when I pull up your link:
Ask when a site wants to install Widevine on your computer.
The toggle is on but I don’t get asked to install it.

I’ve tried other web advice by going to, it doesn’t ask to install. I’m not a member so I get advice about joining Netflix.

I went through all of this with normal Brave a while ago and it never worked. Then it was suggested to try DEV and it worked on this same laptop with Win 7. Do you know why this changed all of sudden?


For the record, you posted in the right place :slight_smile:
So I can stream Amazon Prime video without issue – but I’m also able to produce the error message you’re referring to if I block cookies or cross-site cookies on the site. To resolve this,

  1. Visit Amazon Prime video
  2. Open your Shields panel in the address bar and change the Cookies option to All cookies allowed
  3. Allow the page to refresh (this should happen automatically).

Your Shields panel should now look something like this:

You should now be able to stream Prime video content without issue. Please let me know if this works for you.

I did that and Prime video still won’t play.

Interesting. Can you try disabling Shields entirely to see if the site will stream content?

Amazon Prime Video requires DRM which is not installed by default. You should have seen a permissions pop-up from Brave warning of the “undeclared” rights you are likely giving up by enabling DRM which defeats the entire intent of the coders who striped out the proprietary chunks from the open source code used by the browser named for the metallic plating used on automobile bumpers in the mid-twentieth century.

I don’t remember a pop-up from Brave 2 months ago when I first began using Brave DEV for my movies. If I understand what you’re saying, Technotex, I shouldn’t have been able to use Amazon Prime Videos. Something has changed. Does this mean that I have to go back to Google Chrome to watch my Amazon movies?

Which is exactly the decision I made. After using the stock brower w/ frequent updates and every conceivable add-in for privacy, from the Play Store I tried Private Browser Pro (no longer available), Duck-Duck-Go, eTools Search and now Brave for Android & Win 10 1809, Recommend NordVPN (no compensation accepted if offered) because of their unmatched variety of technological saavy combined with the ever increasing needs to maintain anonymity in a world overcome by commoditized fame. But I digress…

Thanks for the suggestion. VPN seems like more than I need. I’m just a home internet user. None of this WiFi stuff away from home. I went with Brave becs its supposed to be safer than Chrome and it seemed to handle my movies faster than Firefox, well, it DID when it worked. .

Heard a rumor Brave skips the commercials on a popular public video site.

Hum…so like the popular video site has blocked Brave? I even called Amazon help about not being able to watch the videos. All the ‘help’ person could offer was to clean out the cache and history. He hadn’t heard of Brave. :wink::upside_down_face:

Oh, and he said it was a ‘browser’ issue. Ah hemm.

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I’m just like my pseudonym says and still learning the basics of the 'puter world so I can email and internet. Do you work with Brave development?

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Does Amazon Prime video work with Google Chrome at this time?
Does Amazon Prime video work with Mozilla Firefox at this time?

If it’s not working with either browser then when was the last time it worked for sure within a couple week period if possible so that you can review Event Logs and possible Windows security updates that may have changed something around that same time.

Amazon Prime Video requires the DRM protection module is installed with your browser. I discovered this when I attempted to access Prime Video via Brave, switching from my use of the Noodle browser. I discoved the whys and wherefores of the problem shortly after my first message, but had no way to guage the group size of affected users and the best way to explain why Brave will not play. Brave was constructed from the same Open Source code use in Noodle’s browser. The two are almost identical. Except the Noodle tracking of locations, recording your movment patterns, contacts, networks, etc. was removed. Open Settings in Brave by clicking on the four horizontal bar icon. I’m on Version 0.69.135 Chromium:77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit) in Win 10 1809 17763.737. Click Settings. Getting Started and Appearance are self explanatory. All of the links under Setting are bookmarks becase Settings is a single page with each subject header jumping to the bookmarked section of the page. Click on Extensions to jump to the important page. You’ll find several choices, but IMHO, the two most important are WebTorrent and Wildevine. If Wildevine is on, you will receive the prompt I described earlier. If it’s off, chances are DRM was loadrd automatically. A Torrent VPN should enable WebTorrent to full effect. Now, if they would just explain/define Streaming Servers.

Can you try visiting some other sites that require Widevine (DRM) and see if you receive the prompt to install it when you land? For example, try visiting the Netflix, Hulu or Spotify websites (you don’t need to have an account for any of these) and see if the browser prompts you to install WidevineCDM. If you are prompted to, do so, then return to Amazon and try again.