What to do with this crazy CPU usage?

Lately my CPU usage is going crazy even with small tasks, here is a comparison and details about some tests:

I opened Google Chorme and Brave at the same time, I opened 2 same tabs(one of them was youtube) on both
The results are after 5 minutes without touching anything else

  1. Hardware acc. is disabled on Brave
  2. I do not have any extension on Brave (I have 6 on Chrome, 3 of them are constantly working)
  3. I tried with private window, the results are the same
  4. I tried with other tabs, not only with youtube, the restuls are the same

I have an I7 with 16gb ram, Windows 10 (last update)
Version 1.5.112 Chromium: 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

So what can be done? My laptop is moving slowly when I have 4-5 tabs opened, also it starts to heat up and so on…


Hey there - thanks for the report; we’ve got a few other folks reporting the same thing

With Brave open, can you click the Hamburger (three lines) menu in the top right, pick “More Tools” and then “Task Manager”. I am curious what is taking up all the CPU. Having a picture of this would he helpful

There was a known issue in unreleased versions of Brave with the Utility: Bat Ledger Service, but that has been fixed


Sure, here it is the same thing, opened 2 tabs, wait 5 minutes, one of the tab is netflix(with youtube is even worst), meanwhile the task manager is showing around 20% of CPU usage just for Brave
The values from Brave task manager are fluctuating very much, I don’t know if this is relevant.

brave usage2

Definitely helpful! The blue puzzle pieces are parts of Brave - so I’m curious what they are. You should be able to expand the name a little more (drag the column next to Task to make it wider) so that it can be readable. I’m really curious what the two high CPU ones are

I’m thinking the two high CPU ones shown are of these four:

  • Utility: Network Service
  • Utility: Bat Ledger Service
  • Utility: Bat Ads Service
  • GPU process

Ok, same process, 2 tabs, wait 5 min until the screen shot

These are the results for 2 tabs, one with video stream (netflix in this case), but usually I have more than 4-5 tabs opened, one of them with music/video stream.

In Windows task manager, CPU for Brave is around 20%

P.S. CPU values from Brave are fluctuating a lot in both Windows and Brave task manager, even if I do not touch it

OK interesting - so there are a few things I would try:

  • download the latest driver for your computer’s video card (preferably from the manufacturer, not Windows update). Even if you’re not seeing this in other browsers, it’s a good idea to help reduce problems. Likely need to reboot after this
  • visit brave://settings/?search=hardware and ensure Use hardware acceleration when possible is enabled

Let me know! Thanks


I have the same problem here on my mac.
Although it looks like Youtube is the problem…
I don’t know what all these stupid “brave browser helpers” are though… they use all of the CPU! goes up to 100 percent sometimes!

Still nothing, indeed the CPU is on the ceiling on stream websites, but it’s abnormal on the others too, and this is happening from last 1-2 weeks

ok let’s try the opposite; maybe disable Use hardware acceleration when possible under brave://settings/?search=hardware

whether hardware acceleration is on or off, it doesn’t make any difference

Very little difference and still abnormal numbers, also after a longer period (few hours) it will start to lag slowly by slowly, until I restart the browser

I believe we’ve found the problem on 1.5.113 and are working on a fix :slight_smile:

Nightly / Dev / Beta all had an issue too which we solved (involving the Bat Ledger process. That was a different problem)

Here’s something you all can try in the meantime, as a work-around:

  1. Visit brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cosmetic-filtering
  2. Enable this option
  3. You’ll be prompted to restart- go ahead and do that
  4. Problem should be fixed :smile:

Please let us know how this goes! Thanks

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Much much better, thank you for the support!!!

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For those users that have been experiencing various CPU/performance issues, could you please download the following version and let us know if things have improved. Once we get enough confirmations from the community, we’ll push this version to our Release channel ASAP so everyone receives the update.


Sweeeet, was wondering why it sucked up a entire core of CPU usage with one tab opened (I’ve a 3600x @ 4.2ghz).

Bugs are a part of software development, but handling them with grace like y’all do, is what makes me accept and not be upset with you dudes (and dudettes)

However, trying the new version posted, seems to have indeed resolved this issue. Now it sits at a more reasonable 0.5%


I confirm that after upgrading my Win64 Brave from 1.5.113 to 1.5.114, the CPU utilization is back to normal. In fact, it seems that Brave is now consuming even less CPU than the versions before the issue occurred? :open_mouth:

Also, noticed that increase in CPU usage on 1.5.113 and the version before that was happening when I loaded websites that are heavy on using websockets.

Love Brave. Keep up the great work! :grinning:

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When will update V 1.5.114 be released? And then I have the same problem, I’ve been sitting on another browser for almost 2 weeks. As soon as you release the update, I will switch back to Brave.

@shershok Won’t be far off. We’re aware of it. You can test the RC build here

Or as a temp fix.

  1. Visit brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cosmetic-filtering
  2. Enable this option
  3. You’ll be prompted to restart- go ahead and do that
  4. Problem should be fixed
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I can confirm that it’s working very well with the latest update ( Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit))

Now in rare cases I have spikes to 3-4% CPU usage with 2 active tabs (one of them is youtube, which consumes a lot)

Thanks for your support, appreciate it!


I think it’s better.

But especially when I watch youtube, it can get high. Although I discovered that Google Chrome also uses quite a bit.
Firefox does better with energy consumption.