What to do with this crazy CPU usage?

For me it’s working like charm with the new update Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)

All with default settings, I did not touch anything.

Same test, fresh open Brave, open 2 tabs (one of them is youtube and start a stream).


I have the same issue. I opened only one browser tab and the memory consumption is 57%

Why i have 18 processes running with only one tab opened.

Because Brave use multiple processes to avoid hard crash (same like other browsers). One for main process, another process/es for each site, for each extension, etc.

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Granted I have a lot of tabs open but I’m still seeing high cpu usage. I also run Opera and normally have most of these tabs open there rather than in Brave because CPU usage is about 1/8th of what it is if I open them in Brave. I prefer Brave because for some reason I can access various sites (Financial, News) that with Opera (& Firefox) are blocked no matter what I do with my ad blockers in those browsers. But I’ll need to continue running both Opera and Brave due to the cpu usage I experience with Brave.

I noticed a familiar issue here: 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit) on windows
Continuously around 100% “Utility: Bat Ledger Service”

This one is different issue. The fix for this is coming in weeks @gn0tto . Already fixed in Beta/Nightly.

The team is working on it.

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Thanks! Any way to workaround this? Currently is a show stopper for me using Brave at all.

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I am on Version 1.5.123 and still have the same Issue with high CPU consumption.
The workarounds didn’t work out. One of my physical i7 cores is continuously in use with the Bat Ledger Service.

Hello - Ive had this issue on my 2015 macbook, I was about to give up on Brave. The Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit) seems to have fixed it.

Is there a way I can stop Brave from auto downgrading to 1.5.114 - which it just did when I went to the ‘About Brave’ menu item.