Insanely high CPU usage

The past week Brave has been gradually increasing in CPU usage. I try again today and no matter what I do, Brave is consuming a solid 60% of my CPU. Removed extensions, closed tabs, but massive demand remains.


Using linux here, and I’ve noticed that watching youtube videos is taking significantly more CPU. Just compared against Firefox and Brave was 80% vs Firefox 35%

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@jlondonr @be_brave

  1. Start with a new profile as a test
  2. Limit extensions enabled (or even no extensions)
  3. Try in Private Mode when testing
  4. Disable Hardware Acceleration
  5. Ensure you have the latest version of Brave (1.4.96 or better).
  6. Re-test in Brave Beta
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Thanks @fanboynz for the tips.

I created a new profile and the CPU usage was normal while watching videos. Upon comparing it appears that the difference between profiles was my older profile was marked as “All device recognition attempts blocked”, whereas the newly created (default) profile is marked only for “cross-site device recognition attempts blocked”

After switching my profile to only use “cross-site recognition blocking” it seems to have fixed it.


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Same here. This past week, Brave has started grinding my pc into the ground with very high CPU. Very happy with Brave and don’t want to ditch it, but I can’t use my PC…

For those users experiencing performance issues due to CPU spikes, could you please capture which service/tab/website are causing the issues using the browsers Task Manager? You can find it via the following:

  • Hamburger Menu --> More Tools --> Task Manager


Once you got the Task Manager opened, you can sort via CPU column and see which tab/process keeps spiking/causing high CPU usage.

Specifying which version you’re using would be helpful as well. You can find that info via the following two methods:

Method 1 --> type in brave://version in the URL
Method 2 -> Hamburger Menu --> About Brave (or open brave://settings/help in the URL)

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Same. Cpu Usage increasing over time with both Youtube and Dlive. Shutting Browser down and back up fixes problem for some hours then comes back.

Is this a known problem that will be fixed or do we need to mess around with what @fanboynz has suggested

@kamil Will capture when it starts doing it again.

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Same issues, most notably with gmail, which is suddenly driving my cpu/fan nuts, and nearly all sites seem to be experiencing nonstop authentication and rendering problems; all was fine up till the previous version of Brave!! Just started in earnest yesterday or, maybe, the day before.
P.S.–Running Windows 10.
P.P.S.–Just switched gmail (the biggest issue with the current version (1.5.113) over to Chrome, to test, and all the issues (which weren’t present prior to this version of Brave) have all disappeared! Something’s “rotten” in this current version, which wasn’t there on previous versions. ALSO, now that I think about it, one reason for the changes, especially cpu/fan increases, is that CCleaner is telling me that all sorts of gremlins are getting in now–leaving trackers, etc.–typically found on ads, which, again, never happened to me with prior versions of Brave. Hope this helps because I really want to switch back to Brave as my default for all accounts. Good luck!

I believe we’ve found the problem on 1.5.113 and are working on a fix :slight_smile:

Nightly / Dev / Beta all had an issue too which we solved (involving the Bat Ledger process. That was a different problem - should be solved by updating :slight_smile:
Here’s something you all can try in the meantime, as a work-around:

  1. Visit brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cosmetic-filtering
  2. Enable this option
  3. You’ll be prompted to restart- go ahead and do that
  4. Problem should be fixed :smile:

Please let us know how this goes! Thanks

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Ahhh yes. CPU temps back down to low 30s. Nice!

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