What is wrong with this browser?

Background playback is broken again and it’s not an issue with youtube this time because I can still use Chrome in desktop mode and the video will continue to play. Ads still play on YouTube and now the home/trending/subs/library panel is often missing and just won’t appear at all and I have to refresh the page. It also can’t remember where I left off in a video half the time or it just goes to some random. All this seems fine on Chrome so what’s up with this browser and why is it so messed up? It used to be an amazing and now it’s worse than Chrome and the features I use it for don’t work half the time or keep breaking. There are also other issues where it will stop playing the video and ask me if I’m still watching and sometimes this will happen immediately after starting a video. Half the time autoplay doesn’t work when the screen is off which is annoying for playlists or it will actually go to the next video but when I turn the screen on it says invalid response received. All these issues have been on and off. Sometimes it seems like they’re fixed but then they come back and now I just have all the issues at once and it’s frustrating.

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