Problems with newest version

I recently updated to the newest version of Brave, and I’ve encountered some problems including:

Ad blocker not blocking ads the previous version did. Now, I seem to be swarmed with ads.

Background video playback not working the same. I imagine this one is probably related to Google changing how YouTube works in browser, but if I want to keep a video playing in the background, I have to switch to another tab, which makes the video stop, and pull down the bar where it shows the video’s playing status. From there, I have to hit play again so it’ll continue playing. If it’s a video tagged as music, I have to put it in desktop mode first before doing the aforementioned steps.

Phone is a Google Pixel XL

Hello! @1. That didn’t happen to me. @2. Check my reply in the background video playback broken topic for detailed info on what is going on. Best regards!

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