Youtube videos are keep messing up

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Description of the issue:
Sometimes when I go to YouTube to watch a video, the video is “broken”. The audio plays fine but you can’t see the video. There is a layer of random lines over the video and you can see the video playing behind it. It usually happens at the start of the video and continues for the whole video. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it will happen in the middle of the video.

I have tried clearing all my tabs, closing and reopening the app, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and restarting my phone. This appears to be an issue with mobile Brave because this doesn’t happen on the YouTube app or the Brave desktop browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Not sure how this can be reproduced. I’ve noticed it happens on some creators videos more often than others, but that might just be a coincidence.

Expected result:
Hopefully this gets fixed so I watch videos without ads again.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I am using Brave version 1.27.111

Mobile Device details
I am on a Samsung Galaxy S10+

Additional Information:

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Yeah that looks pretty bad. It looks the same way video/gpu issues present in Desktop browsers where typically it’s Hardware Acceleration causing the issue.

Do you have another browser on your phone (preferably something running on Chromium) that you can test Youtube behavior in?

I tried playing some videos on the Chrome app, Bing app, and DuckDuckGo app. I got the same issue with the Chrome and Bing app after clicking 3 videos. I clicked about 20 or so videos with DuckDuckGo and didn’t see this issue appear.

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Got it, thank you for confirming. Let me reach out to the team about this – it’s likely an upstream issue that will get fixed in the next browser update (tomorrow) but I’ll have to confirm.

Yeah, also have an S10 and I’ve been having the same issue with YouTube videos embedded on a forum I frequent. Audio is just fine but the video scrambles, but I use YouTube Vanced and the videos play just fine. Hopefully a fix is in the works because I love this browser.

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