YouTube performance issues

Hey, new user here with some first impression issues. Was watching YouTube and a guy said he was using Brave and DuckDuckGo. I’ve been jumping on the Privacy train since the “Is Google Chrome always listening?” videos aired.

I wanted to give this browser a shot and the first thing I did was try to get into my email. I was smacked with a cookie error and wouldn’t let me in after I imported everything. So I immediately jumped back into YouTube to see what would happen. I got back into just fine but when I fired up a video, there was some odd flickering going on when you tried to full screen the video or the browser.

I’m running last year’s high tier hardware so, this isn’t a hardware issue. I’m very sure of that. However, it could be software but I’m not sure exactly what I’m missing. If you do a search on this, nobody seems to have run into any flickering on YouTube videos. It’d be unfair to say that you guys just suck and not ask the community first so, I want to ask you what you think. Is there a special driver or software I should’ve downloaded or is this a known issue? What’s going on here?

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