YouTube problems#

Hello everyone, as i already suspect, there are thousands of posts on this specific subject, but something happened to my Brave browser today, which is very strange, and somewhat new, at least to me!?

All of a sudden it won’t play YouTube in the background?!

It was working fine, as every morning, I come to work, place my headphone in my left ear, and start my fav. channel, with my phone in my pocket. Today, that was impossible to do. After some inspection (since I am kind of a software engineer myself), it looks like that the YouTube app, hijacked or possessed my Brave browser?! It won’t play videos in the background anymore… While phone is locked!

Now I saw some changes in the way that Brave is handling commercial and advertising (specifically from Sept. 2022), but, honestly, I didn’t expect this?! I did not expect the Google machinery and franchises to be so powerful that it will tramp all over everything!? Even my dear Brave browser, the last free port in the ocean of greed, censorship and total net control.

My question is, why does my Brave browser acts this way (as of today, since yesterday was working just fine when locked)? Is there a way to reverse this, or make it as it was before?

Thank you Ali in advance for your answers, suggestions, advices.

Proud Brave User.

Go to settings and enable background video playback. You might have accidentally turned it off. It is site settings–>Video Playback in brave and Settings–>Backgrounf video playback

In OS settings, see if brave has permission to open and access links related to youtube or if they defaulted back for reason to native youtube app.

In your post, you did not specify that the problem is on Android or iOS.

Brave has not taken money from google to disable this feature.

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