What happens to my BAT Earnings after formatting my device?

Hello Team,

I have my BAT earnings for the month December and I need to format my windows and re-install it. May I know what will happen to my BAT earnings once I re-install as it will be altogether a different device

You will no longer have access to them, unless they are in Gemini or Uphold.

is there a way to recover them using Brave sync or wallet id ?

Not that I’m aware of.

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Yeah that’s something I figured out that is completely wrong about Brave. When connecting to the same account on my phone, I realized the rewards were not shared with my PC. This means if I am changing computer, all my reward will be reset to 0.

And because they require you to have atleast 20 BAT or $20 worth of BAT before you can withdraw from the wallet, which probably takes about 2 years, it becomes complicated to withdraw.

To sum up :

  • rewards aren’t shared between devices
  • $20 worth of BAT before you can withdraw, equivalent to about 2 years of utilization
  • if you damage/lose your device, you lose your rewards

Not really what I was sold.

I’ve made 35 BAT in 8 months. So I can assure you, it takes way less than 2 years. But still the issue is valid.

I would like to know how you did my friend because I only made 4,75 BAT in a bit more than 6 months and I use my computer everyday

This is incredible but still can’t believe that tho

What he just said it impossible for just a little period of time.

Well it’s mainly a matter of settings I guess. Most important is to change your Ads settings to 5 ads per hours, otherwise the default is 1 I think. And speaking of, I just realized they even added 10 ads per hour, so I just adjusted myself as we speak. Then turn-off Auto-Contribute.

This alone has a huge impact on how fast you gain BATs, but also get more annoying pop-ups. But they will never push into foreground if you are playing games or watching movie etc.

Then I also sometimes use a little trick to get some boost. Everytime you open up a new Tab, you see some background images. Seeing these for the first time, gives you some extra BAT. But only a certain amount per day. So if you feel fancy, you can smash CTRL+T a couple times, or 50x, and then just go back to the left most and right click on your Tab and select “close tabs to the right”, to close all your tabs you just opened up. I haven’t done that for quite a bit now. But it just is a simple way to get some extra per day.

I just found a way to migrate the brave earnings before formatting my device. following are the steps I followed

  1. backed up the user data C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\User Data\
  2. Formatted the device
  3. Installed fresh brave software
    4.replace the user data with old one and I got all my brave earnings to the freshly installed device

waiting for the next processing date which is Jan 7th

It depends on the user location as well

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This is 4 months ago, when I had the browser installed for 4 months. I’ve sent a friend all my BAT, so he could also get started. As you can see I got 3-6BAT per month.

And this is my current, with the 5 ads per hour settings. Currently got another 16BAT built up and 1.7BAT so far this month. And I now changed it to 10 ads per hour, so things should speed up quite a bit now.

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Well that possibly can be true, and I would assume, not all ads would be worth the same amount.

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Yeah in a way that’s true but only if he have too many friends that adhere to his words and join the mining process, or it’s either he was purchasing ads from another website or so GOOGLE to be precised @Sismanski 50am08ington 17C52am08ington 31C

I’m not sure, what you just tried to say…

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