Been using Brave since 2020 and did not know you could earn BAT

I just realised you could earn BAT from browsing, and i’ve been receiving pop ups during this time. I was using the mobile version and could not see how much i earned so i downloaded the browser on my computer. I then synced it up but it all says 0, does this mean i haven’t earned anything in the 2 years i’ve used it?

@mmmnux ,

Considering the volume of reported problems with:


. . . that seem to be at least half (currently almost 75 percent) of all Brave Community (latest/new) issues, you may consider yourself fortunate – having missed the troubles.

If you decide to proceed, study and maintain detailed notes.

The following, is a link to an issue reported here at the Brave Community. Notice all the details of the Report Template and answers. Notice that the Report Template does not yet include an important question:

"Are you using a wallet related extension that you have added, such as MetaMask or Uphold? For reference, see the OpenSea support list of crypto wallets.

The issue:

My brave rewards are not transferring to uphold from long time

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Maybe your brave rewards are not on
You can turn them on in the settings.

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Did you make a Brave wallet?

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If I am understanding correctly, you have accumlated probably a lot of bat on mobile. When you download another brave on desktop, rewards will not transfer over with sync code etc. But it should not matter because as long as you make a account on Uphold , once you verifiy the wallet and connect it to Uphold on your phone, all the bat will go to uphold during the next payout date, a week or 2 after May 7th, 2022.

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yeah i think so, it says my wallet was made in 2020 so i’m guessing that i made it then

okay thank you, i’ll try that

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Be aware you should make an Uphold account and not thru the uphold app. I believe some users encounter issues sometimes using the uphold app. And second once you finally do connect uphold to brave browser, all your BAT accumulated on the phone will dissappear, but this is normal because it will be paid out to uphold around 1-2 weeks after May 7th. I would screenshot and save all BAT you see on your rewards panel on your phone before connecting to uphold.

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i haven’t made the uphold account yet as i was busy but will i be able to see how much BAT i have on the browser on my phone? (before connecting to uphold). i’m currently seeing £0.00 in my wallet.

It still could be possible if you did not have the toggle switch on for enabling brave ads that there is nothing you made from mobile brave. I have a friend who I told about using brave and he was using for a while on desktop and never realized that switch was not enabled

i received ads that say stuff about crypto, and such things, but still says 0.

i’ve made an uphold account but unsure how to connect it on my phone

If you click on the triangle at the upper right and go to the settings cog, does it show enable brave private ads and is the toggle switch turned on?

as far on desktop, you recieve pop-ups as windows message, i have been opening them (more bat) or closing them (not letting them timeout to close on themselves) and as far i have earned 2,3 bat

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