BAT tokens magically gone from my monthly rewards

I had around 15 BAT rewards and I just went back to look at how many I had and now it says I only have .13cents worth of BAT… my next payment date was Jan 5th and this was my first month using brave so I wasn’t even able to send them anywhere or anything they just disappeared. Can anyone help me?

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How do you get any bat rewards I am new and got novrewards

Go to settings and in the rewards part you have to option to view 1-5 ads per hour. Viewing the ads is how you get rewarded the BAT token. I would go with 5 ads an hour that way you get more rewards a day. The ads are supposed to be related to the stuff you browse but you get unrelated ads sometimes as well. If your using a smart phone like me then the ads appear as notifications and you just click on them and see what they are. I’ve gotten a free bitpay debit card from one of the ads so it’s worth doing I really enjoy it. I don’t enjoy the fact that all my rewards have gone missing.

Wait until your next payment date, then claim button appears, it will be fully claimed. Or you can backup your wallet to a code or txt file, then restore, it will be fullfilled

So you’re saying even though they aren’t there and my claim date is Jan 5th and it’ll be my first time being able to claim they’ll be there? My wallet still isn’t verified because I was just gonna let the rewards verify it once I hit 25 BAT instead of buy 25 and transfer them to it.

Exactly, when your claim button appears, just claim your reward and you will be paid full. It just a display error. A tip for you : you can backup your current estimate earning bat by using brave broser version or lower without uphold wallet verified. If you want to know more, DM me. :d

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The brave wallet resets at the start of every month for a fresh calculation of BAT. So nothing to worry about cause you will get you 15 BAT on 5th or 6th of January.

right now I can backup brave with version 1.11.104. I did that in October but in December it was not possible. Can you speak more clearly?

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