What happens if zebpay is not connected when the payout happens

my zepay was not connected on 30th nov night n today (dec 1st) i saw that the payout for november has been made and the bats had have been reset to 0, so what i had collected over the last month has been lost???

and it was written that next payout was on dec 8th … but this happend on nov 30th ig … can anyone explain me how does this work??

im new to this

there should be other platform to i.e. metamsk, trustwallet, binance to easily accessible and ease to use, i also facing same issue

so the bats that i earned last month is lost???
and the zebpay automatically got disconnected
what should i do to prevent this?

please stop making these topics. There were already like a couple of where I replied already.
The notice is a bug most likely, payments dont start till the 8th or so of each month. If the thing just says logged out, then should not be an issue since on the backend it is still connected, only the front end is disconnected. Do share a screenshot of the brave rewards page so I can verify what your issue is

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