HELP for my rewards for my 1.4 bats😭😭

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My browser always logout from connection of zebpay in every 3-4 days, In November I earn approx 1.3 bats but when I reconnect zebpay bat goes 0 and shows payout already completed how it’s possible it didn’t reflect on my zebpay account…I m from india

I use Android 12 OS and Brave version : 1.60.125

I m zebpay verified user

**Are you in a supported region?: Yes India (see here for list of supported regions)

Its a bug most likely. Payments don’t start until 8th of each consecutive month. The status in brave rewards most likely fetches the status from Ads Payout Status Update

and they forgot to change the status to pending for this month so that is why its showing payments done. Also, each month the earnings should go to 0 as the last months earning are paid in this month

You will receive your payment on or after 14th every month

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