What happened to my BATs when I connected Zebpay?

What happened to my BATs that were there in my browser, but lost when I connected Zebpay? I didn’t receive them in my Zebapay either. It was around 35 BATs. I connected it before the deadline, in October last year. It has happened to me before when I received BATs after months so I waited for months but now its too much.

Did you recently connect? Please see the updates made in August 2023, regarding changes to Brave Rewards.

The deadline to connect vBAT ended on November 2nd, 2023. vBAT is longer considered valid, and was removed from the Brave Rewards experience. This means that even if you’re on an old version of Brave that still shows a vBAT balance, that vBAT can no longer be redeemed after the deadline.

@Evan123 not received my brave rewards coins

You already received a response. Thanks

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