Web to Link purchase to my Brave Account doesn’t load


I bought a subscription for VPN+Firewall on my iPhone with the last updates. I wanted to use it on other devices but I can’t, I’ve tried through the “ Link purchase to your Brave Account” but it send me to a web that is constantly loading and never ends, I already tried to re install the browser but it didn’t work too, so I can’t find a solution. How can I link my Brave account to my VPN subscription in this situation?

Hey. @GuardianTeam @SaltyBanana can assist you the best. Thanks!

Thank you. Do I have to wait for them to answer? I still don’t have any solution.

Hello @watermelon2837,

Since you have an active iOS subscription through the App Store on your device, you will need to link it to a Brave account in order to share the subscription to different devices. I understand you were trying to follow the proper steps in the help article but ran into some issues.

When you are in Brave settings and click on “Link my purchase to a Brave account,” does it open a Brave window or does it open a Safari/Chrome window? The link will open in whatever you have set as your default browser but it needs to be opened within Brave in order to work properly when logging in. Please also make sure your Brave app is fully updated.


Thanks for your answer. It open the link on the Brave browser. I have the browser with the last update also.