VPN Connection issue

iPhone 13 and Macbook Air M1
17.3 iOS and 14.2 OS

Bought a VPN subscription on iPhone via App store - works no problem on the phone, but when I try to link it to my Mac >Link Subscription>email address>copy and paste link into Brave Browser on Mac>Link subscription> Oops we can’t locate your receipt!

Checked emails, can’t see an invoice number needed for support submission - Brave Account says I have no plan, but I clearly do as I have it activated on my phone. Same email address etc.

edit. when I try to log into my account on phone I get a triangle of continuation

Any ideas, help!


My sincere apologies that you are running into an issue trying to link your subscription to your Mac.

First, you’ll need to do all steps on your iOS device to link your App Store subscription to a Brave account. You can do this by opening the Brave app on your iOS device and navigating to Settings > Brave Firewall + VPN and tap on link purchase to a Brave account.

This step should automatically open https://account.Brave.com on your iOS device. You must login on your iOS device so that you can complete the link process.

Please note the login emails are case sensitive. Once you are able to login on your iOS device you should be able to see the button to “connect my subscription now”. This completes the linking from your App Store subscription.

Once this is complete you can open Brave on your Mac and login to the same account with the same email address and you should see “refresh Brave VPN” under your plan. Once you do this, you should be able to connect right away.

Thank you for the reply. I have tried to link my App store subscription to my brave account. When I try to login follwoing the above instructions I get a Triangle loading bar which just goes round and round.

I have no problem using the VPN on my iOS. I just can’t get past the loading triangle on my iOS device when logging in to complete the link process.

Thank you


On your iOS device please try to delete and reinstall the Brave browser app and then try the linking process once more. This may resolve the loading triangle issue.