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Currently there is an issue to verify my Uphold Wallet with Brave Rewards. I have constantly been logging in and re-logging into Uphold and try to sync my wallet. Each time i try to sync, the wallet just remains de-synced and I am brought back to log into my Uphold account with the browser leading into an infinite loop of re-logging in and having nothing sync… I have reached out to Uphold and they claim everything is fine on their end so I’m reaching out directly to see how I may be able to re-sync my wallet to my browser.

The the version of Brave I’m using is
Version 1.25.68 Chromium: 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Anything helps.

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How many devices have you linked to Uphold in the past?

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See this thread-


I have this problem as well. I have lost many tokens. I am currentky concerned about my largest pool of 265 ish BAT. Should I create my own thread. I have only synced my pc after sync failed on my mobile. Then after the wallet was established sync from mobile failed repeatedly for the last couple of months.

@Nutritree Yes, you should create your own thread. If this is a creator account, post it in the Creator category, not here (this category is for user accounts). Be sure to provide all of the troubleshooting information that is requested in the template that will automatically appear in your post when you start a new thread.

My account is a user account. I will still create my own thread as you suggest.

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