Cant verify wallet on windows...big problem

Description of the issue: Cant sync wallet…Ive tried deleting cache/data reinstalling the browser everything i can think off.
When i press sync wallet it just refreshes on the uphold dashboard. I have spent many hours on there live chat support trying to troubleshoot they have tried every possible option without sucsess. So i thought i would try me luck here has anyone else got a solution or something?

Hi @useless - thanks a lot for writing in. That’s super frustrating. Just to confirm, you’ve tried disconnecting your Uphold wallet and reconnecting?

Yes ive tried everything…ive tried asking uphold for advice they said its not there end its something to do with brave.

I have retied clearing cache/data and everything we could think off it just doesnt verify…

@Asad do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting this?

My bat balance has now randomly gone down…and its not in my uphold account either…

Still not solved…not my bat has disappeared @steeven @Asad

Hey @useless – we are currently in the progress of diagnosing and resolving a number of Rewards related issues.

We ask that you be patient while we diagnose and fix :slight_smile:

What about my problems with unable to verify my wallet? tried everything @Asad

There is a 3-browser limit in terms of how many browsers you can link to Uphold – were there other instances of Brave that you linked (perhaps on your phone and on an other computer)?

Only 1 linked its tried troubleshooting that to @Asad

Still unresolved @Asad @steeven

Anyone fancy helping me? @Asad @steeven

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