Wallet reset spontaneously

Here’s one that hadn’t happened to me before. I opened my browser yesterday, and my wallet had been reset without any action on my part. All the settings were also set to defaults. It was like I had reset my wallet, except that I had not. I had a month of BATs that were obviously lost – not that I had gotten the claim button for them – and Brave Internals says my wallet was created 1/10.

I’m not looking to recover these BATs. It’s just getting to be a joke for me at this point.


I just started with Brave over the weekend, and it happened to me, too. Didn’t change over very much as I only had like .3 BAT accumulated in part of my first day - but, it didn’t make any sense, either. I’m a bit more nervous for the 13 BAT that my wife had since I hadn’t checked hers yet. Worried that I did something in the setup until I saw your message.

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Do you have the seed phrase for your wallet? you should be able to recover your wallet if you have that.

I’m not sure what you mean. There is a seed phrase to sync my browsers together, and I think there is a seed phrase for the wallet built in to Brave, but I’m not aware of a seed phrase for Brave Rewards. There is a Wallet ID, but that was lost when my wallet was reset. There’s a new Wallet ID now. I don’t care anyway. It was only like 4 BATs, and not worth spending a week waiting for Brave’s overworked support staff to reply to my desperate pleas.

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I cannot get the browser sync to work, now that you mention it. So, if that’s what the seed phrase is - I cannot get the MacBook and the iPhone to share the same thread. :slight_smile:

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I think you have to physically type in the seed phrase to the new computer that you want to sync. I’ve gotten it to work between the Brave browsers on my phone and computer. I haven’t tried it between Apple devices. Sorry I can’t help, imsmack.

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