Re-Installed Brave. Where are all my tokens? also Sync isnt functional

I reinstalled windows on my laptop, also had to reinstall brave. however everything is at 0. all my settings are reset. no points no nothing.

I have 24 word code for the wallet here and when i type it in the only place i can find to type it in…nothing happens. says to retype it. i checked it ten times. I have nothing. i do not understand what is going on. even on my iphone it says that my laptop is part of the synced devies. but i cant get it to acually work. they are not synced. one is set at 0 and the other is not. its just plain confusing and very annoying. think i may go back to metamask or something. i have spent a lot of time here and now all my stuff is just gone

Exact same issue here, not sure if it’s because I only had about 24 BAT so didn’t have enough to verify my account? Also the sync clearly doesn’t work as it didn’t sync my bookmarks - the one thing I had ticked.

From experience the seed phrase backup never worked quite right. If I had claimed BAT sitting in the Brave wallet and restored the backup seed phrase on another device, all the claimed BAT would be moved back to Estimated Pending Rewards. And like you there were times were the balance went to zero.

For newer current versions of Brave Browser they recommend to connect to a verified Uphold. But if you have less than 25 BAT then your up sh!t creek without a paddle. I agree with many others that the old seed phrase (or another method) should be re-integrated into the newer versions of the browser on all platforms.

And yes it would be great if we could connect a Web3 Wallet like Metamask. Or even better have Brave Browser use WalletConnect functionality to connect to any compatible wallet.

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